Mrs.Badtram - 7-12 School Counselor

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    Kristy Badtram
    PreK-12 School Counselor



    Phone: (563) 785-4431 X 1224


     Comprehensive Guidance Program

    Mission Statement

         The mission of the Durant Community School District Guidance and Counseling Program, with the support of the community it serves, is to create and sustain an effective comprehensive guidance and counseling program that provides and promotes services for students to become lifelong learners through personal/social, academic, and career development that focuses on their ability and desire to become a confident, competent, and responsible contributors to our society.


         The Durant Guidance Office, students, teachers, parents, and community members have developed and implemented a comprehensive developmental guidance program (K-12) that attends to the needs, interests, and issues of all students. Our comprehensive guidance program targets each stage of the student developmental and learning process, while incorporating a variety of preventative and instructional strategies that facilitates student transition from adolescent to young adult.


    All students have a right to a quality and rigorous education.

    All students have a right to a safe and supportive learning environment.

    All students have a right to services that support academic, career and personal/social growth.

    All students have a right to be heard and treated with dignity and respect.

    All students have the right to a credentialed school counselor who collaborates with other educators, families, and the community as an advocate for student success.





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