Regent Admission Index Score

  • Freshman Admission Requirements to the Regent Universities

    (3 x ACT composite Score)
    + (30 x high school GPA)
    + ( 5 x number of high school core courses)
    Regent Admission Index Score

    Who are the Regent Universities?
    University of Iowa
                                                            Iowa State University
                                                                Northern Iowa University

    Admission for freshmen who wish to enroll at any of the Iowa Regent universities will be based on the Regent Admission Index (RAI) equation above. Applicants must meet the minimum high school course requirements for the university they wish to enter. Freshman applications from Iowa high schools who achieve at least a 245 RAI score and who meet the minimum number of high school courses required by the Regent universities will qualify for automatic admission to any the three Regent universities. Freshman applicants who achieve less than a 245 RAI score may also be admitted however, each Regent university will review these applications on an individual basis and the admission decision will be specific to each institution.