• 2 Cats compete at state meet

    By Jeremy Carnes

    October 27th was a cold day, but that didn’t stop Easton Botkins and Ellie Berry from running at the state meet in Fort Dodge. Easton ran a time of 17:58 and got 82nd place. Ellie ran a time of 21:53 and got 84th place.

    “It wasn’t my fastest time, but it felt pretty good,” said Easton.

    “I feel like I could have ran a lot better and harder. My best race is yet to come,” said Ellie.

    It was low 40’s in Fort Dodge on the 27th when the race began. When asked if the weather affected the runners, they both said yes because it was really cold. Both runners now have their sights on returning to the state meet next year.