• Cats fall short against Anamosa

    By Ethan Bennett

    On the December 7, Anamosa hosted a game against our varsity Wildcats and defeated them 60-53.

    Easton Botkins led the Wildcats in points scored with 20 and made six of 11 free throws. Brendan Paper and  Bryce Lafrenz both scored 12 points, and Lafrenz led the team in rebounds with eight. Drew Delong, Marcus Engstler, and Joe Lilienthal each scored three points.

    Botkins’s performance in his eyes was “alright,” but he thought he could have done better defensively.

    “Our teamwork was good,” Botkins said. “We were able to break the press. We just need to play better defensively and work on our rebounding.” Botkins also said the team needs to work on bringing energy to each game.

    Paper was satisfied with his performance making two of five three-point shots.

    “Anamosa played really well; they got a lot more boards than us and finished around the rim when they needed to,” Paper said.

    Paper also mentioned that as a team, the Wildcats weren’t accurate enough on their free throws. They only made 12 of 28 free throws. He also stated that the free throw accuracy was the game changer.

    Overall the Wildcats played well on both sides of the court with every quarter being close in points. In the first quarter the Wildcats scored 15 points with Anamosa right beside them with 15 points as well.

    The second quarter is where the vast majority of Anamosa’s points came from. Anamosa scored 23 points whereas the Wildcats were only able to put up seven points. The third quarter was neck and neck between the two with Anamosa coming out on top 12-11.

    However in the fourth quarter, the Wildcats doubled the scoring of Anamosa 20-10 but still lost by seven points.