• Girls' team moves on to next round

    By Drew Henderson

    The Wildcat boys placed 6th as a team in the sectional golf meet at Wahkonsa Country Club on May 11 with a score of 353, while the girls placed third in the first round of regionals at Marengo May 14 with a score of 446 and advanced as a team to the next round May 21 at Sigourney.

    For the boys, Lucas Callison had a score of 83 for 18 holes and advanced to the district meet individually.

    “It started out pretty good,” he said. “I made some puts. On the back nine I couldn’t really get anything going, and the ball wasn’t really dropping in the hole at all. It’s good that I moved on to districts, but I would rather have moved on as a team. I’ve been practicing all week, and I’m feeling pretty confident going into districts, and let’s see how it goes.”

    Logan Callison had a score of 85 to place second on the team.  

    “It was pretty good, but I had a bad hole and that really screwed me up,” Logan said. “My back nine was nice, with a forty-foot eagle putt. I had one bad hole; other than that I played pretty solid.”

    Coach Casey Strub said the team’s sectional score was one of the lowest of the year.

    “It’s awesome that Lucas is moving on,” said Coach Strub. “It’s good experience for him because he’s done it with the team before, but not on his own.”

    As for the girls, Sierra Gregoire led the team with an 18-hole score of 107. Ellie Olsen had a score of 108 to place 11th overall.  

    “I think we did awesome,” Olsen said. “Two of our girls broke their personal records. We are a really young team with not a lot of experience besides Sierra, so I think that it’s awesome that we are able to go to districts with this young of a team. For four of the six girls, this year is their first year golfing.”

    Tessa Brandenburg had a score of 115 to place third on the team.  

    “I feel like I did my best. Overall we did better than what we thought we were going to do, and it was great. I feel like we’re going to do good at districts.”

    Coach Denise Ahrens was pleased with her team’s performance at Marengo.

    “That was the best performance they’ve had all year, from the first meet that they scored a 499 to this meet, which is about a 50-stroke improvement over the season.

    “I don’t want to say I was surprised, but I was happy with their performance.  The course difficulty was about the same as Wahkonsa, but it was very sloppy and the fairways were more narrow.  

    “The greens were somewhat easier than Wahkonsa’s.  I’m just hoping they go and shoot as well as they did.  We have a lot tougher competition, and I want to finish in the middle to top of the standings.”