TQC Professional Conference Application

  • The Durant Community School District’s Teacher Quality
    Committee (TQC) has met and approved monies for teachers to
    attend conferences and workshops throughout the 2009-2010
    school year.

    •Teachers will be required to complete the TQC conference
    application (attached and also located in both elem/ms and
    high school offices) and submit the application to the TQC
    for approval. Applications may be dropped off in Maria
    Brown’s mailbox.

    •Please turn in applications by the last Friday of the
    month therefore allowing TQC members adequate time to review
    the proposals.

    •Upon returning from a conference, staff members will be
    required to submit a completed summary form within 10 days.
    The TQC has found the summaries to be beneficial for staff
    development planning and learning about new strategies and

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