Philosophy and Goals

  • Extended Learning Program
    Philosophy and Goals

    Our philosophy is that every human being is of value with the right to optimal development.  Therefore, as an extension of our current educational system, the goal of ELP is to support and enhance the general curriculum to create educational opportunities for students' whose needs and abilities exceed the opportunities provided by the general curriculum.  ELP's goal is to work in conjunction with current programs to provide curriculum differentiation, social and emotional support, and awareness of community opportunities for students accelerating through the general curriculum.
    Our program does not begin with different curricula or different structures for learning, but with the different needs of each learner.  No two individuals are alike.  The uniqueness of individuals makes it impossible for educators to develop and prescribe any single curriculum for the students in ELP, but their education can be planned so it will enhance development, including their psychological, social, emotional, intellectual, creative and career needs.
    The program develops self-advocacy among students by expanding their awareness of opportunities and developing skills to access those opportunities.  The program's ultimate goal is to develop within the student a desire for optimal growth and a sense of individual responsibility to the school, community, and to a changing society.
    Adapted from the Northstar K12 School District (