Graduation Requirements


    Language Arts - 4 years (8 credits)

    Advance Placement Literature (full year)

    Creative Writing (semester)

    Western Literature (semester)

    Death/Dying Literature (semester)

    War Literature (semester)

    English 9 (full year, Freshmen only)

    Practical Writing (full year)

    College Writing (semester)

    Classic English (full year)

    Sports Literature (full year)


    Math - 3 years (6 credits)

    Integrated Math 1 (full year)

    Integrated Math 2 (full year)

    Integrated Math 3 (full Year)

    Advance Math 4 (full Year)

    Advance Placement Calculus (full year)


    Science - 3 years (6 credits)

    Biology (full year): Sophomore Year Only

    Earth Science (semester): Freshmen Year Only

    Physical Science (full year): Freshmen Year Only

    Chemistry (full year): Junior Year

    Anatomy (semester): Senior Elective

    Environmental Science (semester)

    Principles of Science (full year): Junior Year

    Animal Science (full year): Senior Year


    Social Studies - 3 years (6 credits)

    World History (full year): Sophomore Year

    American History (full year): Junior Year 

    Government (semester): Senior Year

    Economics (semester): Senior Year

    World Geography (semester)

    Social Problems (semester)

    Sociology (semester)

    Psychology (semester)

    Character and Leadership (semester): Senior Year

    Sports Economics (semester): Senior Year


    Physical Education - 4 Semesters (4 credits)

    PE (semester)

    Lifetime Fitness (semester)

    Competitive PE (semester)

    Fitness & Weights (semester) 


    Total Credits:

     52 credits and the required core courses are required to receive a high school diploma.

                                                              Electives-22 credits

    Family Consumer Science:            Art:

    Adult Living               Creative Art

    Family Consumer Science            Computer Assisted Art

    Foods                 Sculpture

    Parenting                 Pottery




    Industrial Tech:Fine Arts:

    Architectural DrawingBand

    Advance TechChoir

    CADChamber Choir

    Intro. Built Environment

    Adv. Material ProcComputer Programing:

    Construction   Computer Science

    Foreign Language:    Mathematics:

    Spanish 1         IM1 Concepts (Elective ONLY)

    Spanish II

    Spanish III

    Spanish IV

    Agriculture & Business:

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